Riverfront Residences Luxury Condo Oxley Holdings Limited Property Development

Riverfront Residencies has been revamped into one of the topmost real estate builders in Singapore. Along with their professional experience in this field, their completed and on-going luxury projects have always delivered work with panache and style. Their vision to become a leading real estate enterprise in the domestic scenario yet match a global reputation has taken the company places in the recent years. Their delivered communities and residencies have a caliber that is unrivaled and committed.

Riverfront Residences Oxley Holdings Limited Property Development

Riverfront Residencies is closely related to Oxley Holdings. If you’re wondering what is Oxley Holdings or who they are, here you go. Oxley Holdings Limited is involved in property development and its portfolio speaks high of its unmistakable quality of having created a presence in 11 countries. The key qualities that put Oxley apart from the rest are their consistent growth and attention to customer desired lifestyle. This renowned global leader in proper development is into residential, commercial as well as industrial developments and chooses locations of utmost demand.

Riverfront Residences Luxury Condo Location

So, Riverfront Residencies can be classified as a luxury condo provides all the amenities of large mega communities except with quaint elegant style that is a quality of the location in itself. Located in one of the most happening and comfortable communities of Hougang, the property doesn’t go unnoticed at any cost. The name in itself prints a dreamy home within eye’s notice of a river, and the residency sure lives up to this in every dimension.

Riverfront Residences Investment Property

What’s better is that Oxley makes it easier to procure pricing details of the various property options available. They are willing to develop an interpersonal relationship with you once you enquire and take you through the different features. You could place your booking on your best bet and go ahead. Their property services solutions team is actively involved in your every step and never lets you walk alone until you have made a decision.

Looking to make an investment in Riverfront Residencies? Look no further than this. Are you worried about the skyrocketing prices? Well, Riverfront Residencies is a property that is worth their money, so be assured that nothing is going to waste here. You could host your bunch of friends for a picnic or party by the riverfront area for a gorgeous view and a crazy time. Check out their website for further details regarding site plans, floor plans, showflat and many more.

Perumal Road Condo Uptown at Farrer Singapore

Real Estate developers in Singapore continue to surprise us with new and futuristic development projects that no one would have predicted few years go. Uptown at Farrer is one of the latest real estate project in Singapore that has caught many by surprise. Not only because of futuristic aspects but also because of the features and value that it promises to its tenants.

Location of the Project at Perumal Road Condo

Developed by Low Keng Huat, the location of Uptown at Farrer Condo is one of the most enticing features about this project. Geographically, the project is strategically adjacent to the city center, which is not a common thing among popular real estate projects these days. Particularly, Uptown at Farrer is located at Farrer Park near the MRT Station, which makes it accessible from different angles. After all, the real estate project is connected to some of the main hubs in the city, which removes its accessibility out of the question. Once complete, you will be able to access Uptown at Farrer through the North east MRT line, the same line that connects you to key places in the city. This location is highly suitable for a working group as it eases their stress for commuting to their workplaces within the central business district.

Features at Uptown @ Farrer Condo

Like a good real estate project of the twenty-first century, Uptown at Farrer comes packed with theoretically irresistible features. First, the development comes with a guard house, clubhouse, a 50m swimming pool perfect for recreation and leisure activities. In addition, the project comes equipped with an indoor gym and a tennis court for sports lovers in addition to BBQ pits, sun deck, and a playground for children. Simply, Uptown at Farrer is the so called heaven on earth. If you get a space in Uptown at Farrer, I do not see the reason you’ll leaving its perimeter, unless if work or corporate issues.

Consideration for Amenities at Uptown @ Farrer Condo

Let’s talk about amenities. No one wants to reside in an environment where they strive to get basic health and education services. Sometimes, people prefer locations where they can easily access additional recreational facilities such as hotels. This is a problem that Low Keng Huat solved when designing the project and selecting its location. Uptown at Farrer development is planned in a way such that it will be within a kilometer reach for a number of educational centers, especially of elementary nature.

The project is within the reach of renowned primary schools such as Stamford, Farrer Park, Anglo-Chinese, Bendemeer, and St. Margaret’s. This means that residents within school-doing children will not have to worry over the distances travelled by their kids in pursuit of education. Uptown at Farrer is also adjacent to a number of recreation facilities including hotels, health centers (it’s within the CBD after all), shopping malls, and family fun venues.

Claiming your spot in Uptown at Farrer

As enticing as the development might sound, it has some bad news. You will not manage to set foot before 2022. How terrible is that? You have to hold your peace and continue residing wherever you are and facing the residential challenges that you do until then. However, like most �heaven sent’ projects, you might only live to hear about it and never own part of it. To be on the safe side, sign up on their list of interested people and you might get the once in a life time chance to one Uptown at Farrer.