SingHaiYi Group The Clematis Condo Property Development

SingHaiyi Group Ltd. is a prosperous real estate organization which can boast of a diversified profile involved in property investment, development as well as administrative services. The leader of this Group happens to be a competent board and administrative team consisting of Mr. Neil Bush and Mr. Gordon Tang having in-depth knowledge as well as experience in business matters, particularly, investments and real estate. These individuals have been able to make the right use of investment opportunities by establishing long-lasting contacts in the industry.

SingHaiYi Group New Development The Clematis Condo

Apart from having a fantastic track record when it comes to the development of residential properties, the SingHaiYi Group likewise maintains a diversified profile of income-generating resources in the industrial as well as retail markets. Moreover, the Group has been able to expand its domains abroad including Australia, Asia, and the US. At present, it is looking to enhance its market placement in Singapore with fresh investments. SingHaiYi Group latest project is The Clematis Condo which is a new development located right in the heart of Clementi. The developer for the plot of land is SingHaiYi and is the former Park West Enbloc.

The exposure of the Group to different segments of the real estate industry in various nations speaks volumes of its well-implemented business approach which aims at preserving sustainability, generating revenues on a regular basis, and also offering value to the shareholders.

SingHaiYi Group Property Developer

Since 2013, this Group has succeeded in completing as many as 5 development assignments and is currently linked with consistent project line-ups in Singapore as well as the US that are due to be completed by the year 2023. Apart from this, the SingHaiyi Group has been successful in strengthening its landbank thanks to the 3 fresh development projects in recent times.

A two-for-one rights issue was undertaken by the Group in 2017 which became effective in raising S$143.5 million gross profits. The business is now planning to make use of the majority of the proceeds for pursuing appropriate property investments in the upcoming days.

SingHaiYi Group Property Development

Moving ahead, this Group is perfectly positioned for the future given that they are going on extending their network functionality so as to gain more knowledge in the overseas marketplaces, make innovative investments, and also expand the present profile of real estate developments as well as acquisitions leading to development and prosperity.

The primary perspective of the SingHaiyi Group is to become a leading property specialist along with proven knowledge in property development, administration, as well as investment in those areas where they operate.

The primary mission of this Group is to attain sustainable development while generating shareholder value by means of top-quality property developments, production-accretive acquisitions, and creative asset boosting approaches not to mention rational property management.