Fraser Residence Promenade Near to Singapore River

As the name suggests, Fraser residence promenade is an attractive place for vacations, a good view to make a walk and a place to visit for leisure. The place is beside the Singapore river the designed by Fraser property builders. The Fraser which is an image of premium design property allocation at the city center at the great world city that is MTR station and the Havelock MTR station at Thomson-East coastline. The Fraser property is at the center of many social amenities, the entertainment center and is at the overview of all city.

Fraser Residence Promenade Singapore River

There is Fraser residence promenade Condo at the river valley road, this the Fraser residence promenade which offers the desirable entertainment facilities the famous clubs and a great chance of meeting new friends. Because is the entertainment center there is a chance of interacting globally and buying of new ideas from different countries. The place is also good for the people interested in keeping fit the most professional gyms are available. Fraser residence promenade at the river valley road is a vocational center for the families with swimming pools and playgrounds necessary for the kids.

Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street Shopping Malls

For commercial amenities, the Fraser residence promenade at Jiak Kim Street offers commercial amenities. Shopping centers and best shopping malls such as the Liang court and Clarke quay center. The place is up to the modern shopping requirements and is most proffered for buying a permanent house to settle. It is good buying a house in a strategic place than rising an expensive building with poor allocation there are various things to consider before building or buying a home, such thing includes available social amenities, the communication, and transport system of the area. The Fraser residence promenade property developer gives the best allocation for their customers.

Fraser Residence Promenade Hotels and Park

With the Fraser residence promenade, the modern park is available for relaxing during weekends. The Fraser residence promenade next to canning park provides different types of services considering the interest of the customer. Fraser property employs qualified staffs who meet the needs of the customers and offer professional services. The park offers professional hospitality with the best accommodation houses and hotels. The restaurants offer different types of dishes both traditional and modern dishes the interest of meals from different countries are considered. Fraser residence promenade is ensuring fully comfortability for the holiday and ensures value for every cash spend.

The Fraser residence promenade gives large services of the real estate management such services are the residential services where the apartments for the rental services are available the bungalows and many home building available if you want to buy a home. There are hospitality facilities the retail and industrial amenities, the commercial and business buildings and logistics properties.

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