The SingHaiyi Group and Huajiang International The Gazania

This is one of the latest freehold properties which comprises of the previous Sun Rosier development. It is located at the heart of How Sun Drive. The freehold property was developed by the SingHaiYi Properties company. The development sits on the prime plot which is just at the heart of Bartley MRT which is in the outlying area of the city.

The Gazania Bartley MRT Station received four bids for the purchase of the prime piece of land. The bids were as a result of the high demand for freehold development properties on the outskirts of the city area. The bids proposed had close marginal which shows the developers were very positive in the estimation in property venture. Gazania condo will comprise a total of 78 units which translates to a ratio of 1:4 on each plot.

The SingHaiyi Group and Huajiang International The Gazania

The residential property was developed on a joint project involving two developers. The first one is the Huajiang International Properties which is owned by a Chinese businessman while the second developer is the SingHaiYi Properties.

The real estate company mainly deals in property development and investment. It has expanded its operations to overseas markets such as the USA and Malaysia. It, therefore, develops residential properties both for public and private developments.

Facilities and amenities in Gazania Freehold Condo

The condo comes with full and exceptional facilities to provide exclusive entertainment needs to your satisfaction. Some of them include;
-A swimming pool
-BBQ pits
-Function room
-Tennis court
-Kids playground
-An indoor gym

The condo is also strategically located near to a number of shopping malls. Such centers include the Poiz, Heartland center, and the NEX mall. In addition to that, the condo is situated next to the Bidadari Park. Here, you will have a lot of fun for outdoor activities after a busy week with your family and friends.

The Gazania Condo New Development at Bartley MRT Station

The Gazania condo is just located at the heart of Central Expressway for those traveling to the city area. The place also has the advantage of being close to many elite schools. For example the Cedar Girls’, Maris Stella, St Gabriel’s among many others. This implies that your kids who waste a lot of time traveling to school. This will give both parents and kids enough time to focus on other important things. Besides being located near schools, Gazania is also near to a number of country clubs. This is the ideal location for holding friends meetings as you share and exchange important ideas while taking your favorite drinks. You will also find golf courses for instance in the Queens Golf Driving Range. Other clubs include the Raffles Town Club, Singapore Turf among others.

Riverfront Residences Luxury Condo Oxley Holdings Limited Property Development

Riverfront Residencies has been revamped into one of the topmost real estate builders in Singapore. Along with their professional experience in this field, their completed and on-going luxury projects have always delivered work with panache and style. Their vision to become a leading real estate enterprise in the domestic scenario yet match a global reputation has taken the company places in the recent years. Their delivered communities and residencies have a caliber that is unrivaled and committed.

Riverfront Residences Oxley Holdings Limited Property Development

Riverfront Residencies is closely related to Oxley Holdings. If you’re wondering what is Oxley Holdings or who they are, here you go. Oxley Holdings Limited is involved in property development and its portfolio speaks high of its unmistakable quality of having created a presence in 11 countries. The key qualities that put Oxley apart from the rest are their consistent growth and attention to customer desired lifestyle. This renowned global leader in proper development is into residential, commercial as well as industrial developments and chooses locations of utmost demand.

Riverfront Residences Luxury Condo Location

So, Riverfront Residencies can be classified as a luxury condo provides all the amenities of large mega communities except with quaint elegant style that is a quality of the location in itself. Located in one of the most happening and comfortable communities of Hougang, the property doesn’t go unnoticed at any cost. The name in itself prints a dreamy home within eye’s notice of a river, and the residency sure lives up to this in every dimension.

Riverfront Residences Investment Property

What’s better is that Oxley makes it easier to procure pricing details of the various property options available. They are willing to develop an interpersonal relationship with you once you enquire and take you through the different features. You could place your booking on your best bet and go ahead. Their property services solutions team is actively involved in your every step and never lets you walk alone until you have made a decision.

Looking to make an investment in Riverfront Residencies? Look no further than this. Are you worried about the skyrocketing prices? Well, Riverfront Residencies is a property that is worth their money, so be assured that nothing is going to waste here. You could host your bunch of friends for a picnic or party by the riverfront area for a gorgeous view and a crazy time. Check out their website for further details regarding site plans, floor plans, showflat and many more.

Perumal Road Condo Uptown at Farrer Singapore

Real Estate developers in Singapore continue to surprise us with new and futuristic development projects that no one would have predicted few years go. Uptown at Farrer is one of the latest real estate project in Singapore that has caught many by surprise. Not only because of futuristic aspects but also because of the features and value that it promises to its tenants.

Location of the Project at Perumal Road Condo

Developed by Low Keng Huat, the location of Uptown at Farrer Condo is one of the most enticing features about this project. Geographically, the project is strategically adjacent to the city center, which is not a common thing among popular real estate projects these days. Particularly, Uptown at Farrer is located at Farrer Park near the MRT Station, which makes it accessible from different angles. After all, the real estate project is connected to some of the main hubs in the city, which removes its accessibility out of the question. Once complete, you will be able to access Uptown at Farrer through the North east MRT line, the same line that connects you to key places in the city. This location is highly suitable for a working group as it eases their stress for commuting to their workplaces within the central business district.

Features at Uptown @ Farrer Condo

Like a good real estate project of the twenty-first century, Uptown at Farrer comes packed with theoretically irresistible features. First, the development comes with a guard house, clubhouse, a 50m swimming pool perfect for recreation and leisure activities. In addition, the project comes equipped with an indoor gym and a tennis court for sports lovers in addition to BBQ pits, sun deck, and a playground for children. Simply, Uptown at Farrer is the so called heaven on earth. If you get a space in Uptown at Farrer, I do not see the reason you’ll leaving its perimeter, unless if work or corporate issues.

Consideration for Amenities at Uptown @ Farrer Condo

Let’s talk about amenities. No one wants to reside in an environment where they strive to get basic health and education services. Sometimes, people prefer locations where they can easily access additional recreational facilities such as hotels. This is a problem that Low Keng Huat solved when designing the project and selecting its location. Uptown at Farrer development is planned in a way such that it will be within a kilometer reach for a number of educational centers, especially of elementary nature.

The project is within the reach of renowned primary schools such as Stamford, Farrer Park, Anglo-Chinese, Bendemeer, and St. Margaret’s. This means that residents within school-doing children will not have to worry over the distances travelled by their kids in pursuit of education. Uptown at Farrer is also adjacent to a number of recreation facilities including hotels, health centers (it’s within the CBD after all), shopping malls, and family fun venues.

Claiming your spot in Uptown at Farrer

As enticing as the development might sound, it has some bad news. You will not manage to set foot before 2022. How terrible is that? You have to hold your peace and continue residing wherever you are and facing the residential challenges that you do until then. However, like most �heaven sent’ projects, you might only live to hear about it and never own part of it. To be on the safe side, sign up on their list of interested people and you might get the once in a life time chance to one Uptown at Farrer.

Sloane Residences Balmoral Road Freehold Condo in the City

Sloane Residences is one of the developments that is located in the middle of Balmoral Road. It is also near the well-known Ocean Sky International and Tiong Seng Holdings. These are some of the projects that are recorded in the Singapore Stock Exchange. Initially, Sloane Residences was the initial Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc that purchased by TSky Development. The fantastic thing about this project is that it has two developers that are working in the same plot of land. The consolidated land will have a sum of 38,943 square feet of estimated land and a plot ratio of 1.6. The piece can accommodate up to 80 units that can be built on that piece of land.

Sloane Residences Balmoral Road Freehold Condo

Sloane Residences has a complete and unique environment including a clubhouse, gym, indoor recreation center, 50m pool, tennis court, barbecue area playground for children and sunbathing terrace. Joining the small plot of land nearby, Sloane Residences will feature a suite of the best apartments in the city center that is close to many fabulous amenities in the Newton region and also close the Orchard territory.

Sloane Residences Serene and Quiet Location in the City

If you like condos, the condo environment provides family entertainment for your family and friends. You will enjoy a quiet and serene life in the middle of the Balmoral Road city. The ongoing development of Ocean Sky International and enclac of Tiong Seng Holdings is located at the middle of the town and thus improving the livelihood of the center of the town. Sloane Residences is situated on a perfect parcel of land that is close to various services. Lately, there are enbloque bargains that have been effectively started, and these parcels of land extend to a wide variety of locations in Singapore.

Sloane Residences Perfect Apartment in the City

With the increase of capital in the land market the block buyers who are evicted from their homes, these buyers are looking for a place to stay and expect to buy properties soon. Block buyers may be looking for an apartment in the city. Most of the buyers are rich and may be searching for condominiums in the center of the city with high quantum. Similarly, the apartments in the center city also tend to maintain their esteem. Notably, for those who need absolute ownership, there is a certified request from financial specialists and people who stay at home

Sloane Residences is a mix of 2 plots of land that is the former Sloane Court Hotel in old style along with a small plot of land. Lately, it is being built to form apartments in the center of the city are very sought after. In general, the condominiums in the center of the city have more potential in an expanding land market.

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Botanik Residences Tuan Sing Holdings at Hillv2 Shopping Centre

Botanik Residence by Tuan Sing Holdings is a new freehold development found in Hillview, 1 Jalan Remaja. Tuan Sing Holdings is one of the top real estate developers in Singapore and they hold a number of high ranking developments. This condominium’s facilities include BBQ Pits, children’s playground, a swimming pool, tennis court, indoor gym, sun deck, a club and guard house as well as a function room. The wide range of facilities will cater for the entertainment needs of your family and also loved ones.

Botanik Residences Tuan Sing Holdings Private Properties

The location of Botanik Residence Tuan Sing Holdings is surrounded by private properties and areas like the Bukit Batok Nature Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve etc. Residents of Botanik Residence will also have easy access to shopping centers which are located within the vicinity. The quiet and cool residential enclave is near retail outlets such as the Rail Mall which anchors tenants like Subway, the Coffee Bean as well as other eateries and service outlets.

Botanik Residences Close to HillV2

HillV2, an upscale shopping center that is found along the Hillview Avenue is just a short walk from this condominium. It’s popular with many residents of this area thanks to the various bars, cafes, groceries etc. which are available here. West Mall is also a great neighbourhood shopping center found near the Bukit Batok MRT Station. The mall which has two supermarkets has a wide grocery selection as well as food and beverage choices. Other notable shopping centers include Starbucks, Cedele, Wine Collection, Italian Osteria and Joyden Canton Kitchen.

Botanik Residence Freehold Development Hillview Avenue Upper Bukit Timah

Residents of this freehold development have multiple transport options to choose from. The condominium’s location in Hillview Avenue and the Upper Bukit Timah Road make traveling by car to the Central Business District and the Jurong area very easy. Botanik Residence’s close proximity to bus stops found along these two roads also offers convenient access to other parts of Singapore. Owners who prefer to use the MRT Line can use the Downtown Line or the Hillview MRT Station both which are just a couple of minutes from the development. Vehicle owners can also use the Pan Island Expressway to access the vibrant shopping district and business hub found in Orchard Road.

For education needs, Botanik Residence is located close to elite schools such as Lianhua Primary School, Keming Primary School, Assumption English School, Yusof Ishak Secondary School and Hillgrove Secondary School. The condominium has made life easy by the facilities found in it and amenities found within its surroundings.
Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue is an amazing and luxurious condo that is graced with world-class amenities. A quiet, unique and wonderful lifestyle awaits you here.

Bukit 828 Freehold Condo Bukit Panjang MRT Station Roxy Homes

Bukit 828 is a new freehold development located at 826A Upper Bukit Timah Road near to Bukit Panjang MRT Station as well as Cashew MRT Station. The developer for Bukit 828 condo is Roxy Homes which have brought over the property from 5 adjoining shop houses at a price of S$17,000,000. Plans are underway for Roxy-Pacific Holdings to develop the site into 34 units of prime freehold apartments that area close to many amenities long the Hillview area

hillV2 Shopping Centre Near to Bukit 828 Freehold Condo

hillV2 is a shopping centerservice mall that primarily serves the residents living in the Bukit Panjang and Hillview area. hillV2 has 2 levels of dining options and retail services to cater to the upscale market. There are selected bars such as Starkers as well as Wine Connection Bistro for the wine connoisseurs.
hillV2 also consist of other anchor tenants such as the Hillview Market Place if you are looking for some grocery shopping. Bakeries such as Swissbake and Cedele is located at hillV2 Shopping Centre.

Hillion Mall at Bukit 828 Freehold Development Singapore

Hillion Mall is a relatively new mall that has opened recently by Sim Lian Land next to Hillion MRT Station. It is directly linked to Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub and serves as a one-stop shopping mall for residents who are living at the Bukit Panjang area. Hillion Mall is highly anticipated as has over 240,000 sqft of retail space that is spread over 4 stories in the mall. Hillion Mall also markets itself as a lifestyle mall with many salons and F&B choices available for the shoppers. It is located just minutes walk away from Bukit 828.

Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited is a specialty hospitality and property group that started the operations in the field of Real Estate in 1967 and is the developer for Bukit 828 Condo. Roxy-Pacific is an established brand name in the property development sector and it focuses operations in the Asia-Pacific region. The company is in the development of small and medium-size residential schemes such as condominiums and apartments targeted at middle- and upper-middle level income segments. The company has launched more than 40 schemes from 2004 to 2017. It comprises of more than 4,300 commercial and residential units in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Bukit 828 Condo Bukit Panjang MRT Station

With increasing scale of operations for Bukit 828 Freehold Condo, the management board of Roxy-Pacific Holdings decided to get listed on the Singapore Stock-Exchange. It subsequently got listed on SGX Mainboard in 2008. The major revenue streams for the company include flagship hotel in Katong, self-managed upscale boutique hotel in Japan, the Grand-Mercure Singapore Roxy, and other investment properties across Asia-Pacific region. Grand-Mercure Singapore Roxy is the major asset of the group that has an agreement with the International Hotel Operator, Accor Group. The group has also acquired land parcels in Thailand and a resort in the Maldives.

Melvin Poon Tuck-Meng is the Director of Hotel Operations, who is principally looking after all the business operations of the company. He joined the group in 2002 as a Financial Controller. Later, he was promoted to Finance & Administrator Director. His vast experience of 20 years in the field of hotel finance management helped the group to achieve different objectives of the company.

The portfolio of Roxy-Pacific Holdings includes residential properties as well as commercial launches, and hospitality projects. The past-launched residential schemes include – Straits Mansions, Sunnyvale Residences, Trilive, and Liv on Wilkie. Harbor View Gardens and The Navian are presently launched schemes that provide unmatched luxurious style living apartments to.

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Park Colonial CEL Unique Development Woodleigh MRT Station

Park colonial condo is a collaborative venture of 3 companies. 3 power houses on real-estate and development on a single project in the heart of Singapore. These companies are Heeton holdings, KSH Holdings and Chip Eng Seng Corp. that is now known as CEL unique development Pte Ltd. Chip Eng Seng is a real estate developer in Singapore. They have a very reputable track record for clients in their years of operation. The company was established on 1960 and as they say, the rest is history. They have become a really big deal in Singapore and other neighbouring nations.

Park Colonial 3 Developers for Woodleigh Lane Condo

Heeton holdings is a real-estate development company that fostered many high standard residential properties in Singapore. They maintained their status as one of the top developers in the country by fulfilling clients’ needs while upholding transparency and integrity in the service they provide. KSH Holdings is a company comprising of many established construction, property development and property management companies. They operate in many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and PRC. KSH holdings was built in 1979 and it owns a group of competitive companies which includes KHS engineering construction, KHS realty, and KHS overseas.

Park Colonial Condo Woodleigh MRT Station

The park colonial condo is a fresh development situated right in the heart of the bidadari estate near Woodleigh MRT station. This is a prime location for both residents and aspiring businesses. It is also near shopping centers such as NEX shopping mall which is 1 of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore. The Poiz center that is just 1 MRT ride away from park colonial cel unique development, and the venue Shoppe’s that have 5 shops and 23 restaurants. This location is highly sought after because it is in the business district of the city it is also very convenient for residents with the MRT station right beside it and the mall just minutes away. If residents have their own transportation, park colonial woodleigh lane is situated near the Central expressway (CTE) and Pan Island expressway (PIE). It is also near schools such as Stamford American international and Saint Andrew junior college. Perfect for single and families alike.

Park Colonial CEL Unique Development

The company’s objective is to build an exceptional residence with convenience as top priority. To develop a great living environment and for career opportunities at the same time. To maximize comfort and convenience for its clients and to provide the great service where they are known for. These are the main objectives they aim to fulfill on this project. The park colonial condo boasts its 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units. With 2 types of facing, mainly Youngberg terrace and Woodleigh lane. But above 6th floor you will get an unblocked view of the city with its beauty and elegance. They have many facilities in park colonial condo such as a a full lawn tennis court, a swimming pool, an indoor gym, a barbecue area and a children’s playground that awaits its residents. a truly extravagant lifestyle for independent or family alike.

The park colonial cel unique development is a prime investment, you shouldn’t pass this opportunity to grab a chance to a safe, comfortable, safer, and better living environment for yourself and for your family. CEL unique development will be providing homes for all who trusts them. For more information, you can refer to our site and register for our email and phone updates. We will continue to provide relevant information to potential partners from here and future endeavors.

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Daintree Residence SP Setia New Development at Toh Tuck Road

Singapore is a destination hub for many tourists around the world. Housing in Singapore is vital as more than 80% of the natives live in public housing states. Most of these estates are developed with facilities of school, supermarkets, recreational centers and clinics near Daintree Residence SP Setia.

Daintree Residence SP Setia New Development at Toh Tuck Road

Singapore’s Residential Market is sending mixed signals’, says the analyst Leslie Shaffer on 14 June 2014. In all these hassle for buying a home or a condo to make a living. Daintree Residential is a residential scheme announced by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) on February 2017. It is located on the Toh Tuk Road and the developer of these plots is SP Setia. Daintree Residential intends to yield 325 units for interested residents in Daintree Residence Toh Tuck Road. These residencies are 99 year lease program that is located near the Beauty World MRT station in Singapore. This is a prime location as 24 bids for the plots were submitted by SP Setia, $265 million for each.

Daintree Residence Jurong New Condo Near to Beauty World MRT Station

Beauty world center is one the biggest shopping centers in the area and is at walking distance from the Daintree Residence around the area. It covers the area of Jalan Jurong Kechil and served the locals from many years. There is an easy transport available near the Beauty World MRT Station. Beauty shopping Centre includes one of the best eating places of all kind, with franchises like McDonald’s and Watson etc. Nearby there is another shopping center beside Daintree Residence Condo named Bukit Timah Centre which is located adjacent to beauty world center and is the heart of many restaurants and shopping brands. It was started in 1981 and provides a wide range of shopping choices for Daintree Residencies. There is commercial residency for employed maids in the building as well.

Development as consists of a nearby Ngee Ann polytechnic which is minutes away from Daintree Residence Beauty World Condo. This polytechnic school is of much importance as it offers a wide range of courses to the students who had just completed their O Levels. Apart from this they are the cause of sending 4000 above students overseas on scholarship for greater exposure. This creates a level of great opportunity for students in Daintree Residency Condo. Drive away of 10 minutes from Jurong Central business district which is the 2nd working district and is a home of many restaurants like Big Box and JME.

Daintree Residence Condo Singapore Jalan Jurong Kechil

You love natural reserves? Well Daintree Residency Condo is located near Toh Tuk Road which is just minutes away from Bukit Timah natural reserve. Having the tallest trail, Bukit Timah Forest Reserve is Singapore’s forest reserve made for hiking and enriching the area with natural beauty for Daintree Residence Near to Lorong Kismis. It is a place where hikers challenge themselves and feel at ease with environment. Daintree Residency by SP Setia was released as a result of Government Land Scale Programme (GLSP). With 325 homes this can bring more investors to this area as of its prime location and immense popularity because of the shopping centers and natural reserves.

It’s full of all facilities like, guard house, club house, indoor gym and tennis court. Plan of the developer SP Setia is to build a 5 Story condomium which expand over 4.6 acre of area. Daintree Residency with said to have 325 residencies will be a suitable place to make a luxury living. Previous projects of Setia SP BHD Group were success like Eco Sanctury Project by SP Setia and 18 woodsville SP Setia International. Sustainable, comfortable and luxurious life style at Daintree Residency is at your wait!