Sloane Residences Balmoral Road Freehold Condo in the City

Sloane Residences is one of the developments that is located in the middle of Balmoral Road. It is also near the well-known Ocean Sky International and Tiong Seng Holdings. These are some of the projects that are recorded in the Singapore Stock Exchange. Initially, Sloane Residences was the initial Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc that purchased by TSky Development. The fantastic thing about this project is that it has two developers that are working in the same plot of land. The consolidated land will have a sum of 38,943 square feet of estimated land and a plot ratio of 1.6. The piece can accommodate up to 80 units that can be built on that piece of land.

Sloane Residences Balmoral Road Freehold Condo

Sloane Residences has a complete and unique environment including a clubhouse, gym, indoor recreation center, 50m pool, tennis court, barbecue area playground for children and sunbathing terrace. Joining the small plot of land nearby, Sloane Residences will feature a suite of the best apartments in the city center that is close to many fabulous amenities in the Newton region and also close the Orchard territory.

Sloane Residences Serene and Quiet Location in the City

If you like condos, the condo environment provides family entertainment for your family and friends. You will enjoy a quiet and serene life in the middle of the Balmoral Road city. The ongoing development of Ocean Sky International and enclac of Tiong Seng Holdings is located at the middle of the town and thus improving the livelihood of the center of the town. Sloane Residences is situated on a perfect parcel of land that is close to various services. Lately, there are enbloque bargains that have been effectively started, and these parcels of land extend to a wide variety of locations in Singapore.

Sloane Residences Perfect Apartment in the City

With the increase of capital in the land market the block buyers who are evicted from their homes, these buyers are looking for a place to stay and expect to buy properties soon. Block buyers may be looking for an apartment in the city. Most of the buyers are rich and may be searching for condominiums in the center of the city with high quantum. Similarly, the apartments in the center city also tend to maintain their esteem. Notably, for those who need absolute ownership, there is a certified request from financial specialists and people who stay at home

Sloane Residences is a mix of 2 plots of land that is the former Sloane Court Hotel in old style along with a small plot of land. Lately, it is being built to form apartments in the center of the city are very sought after. In general, the condominiums in the center of the city have more potential in an expanding land market.

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